2010 STAR Fellow Kaitlyn Fietchner working on fiberoptics at Dryden Flight Research Center

Lab Sites

The 2015 STAR Program will feature summer research placements at lab sites in Arizona, California, Colorado, and Washington. Applicants will be asked to rank the lab sites in order of preference, so please take time to investigate each lab site and learn about the types of research opportunities available. (Note: Lab site preference rankings are used as a guide by the STAR administrative staff, but they do not guarantee placement at your top choice laboratory.)

To learn more about potential opportunities at each lab site, we recommend two approaches: (1) visit each lab site’s webpage (links are provided from each of the lab site pages on the left) and (2) review the research abstracts and posters or presentations of previous participants available on the Cal Poly Digital Commons (note that although many research mentors host STAR participants every year, we cannot guarantee their involvement).

Map of California STAR lab sites